Welcome to Hair Unlimited

Roxana's good vibes!!

At the age of 26, I started my hairdressing journey back home in Cuba. I was inspired by my mom from her successful hairstyling business. She discovered my potential at a very early age and her mission was to encourage me in this fascinating and transformational artistic world.
When I came to Canada, 11 years ago, I thought my mission was simple just to work hard and make a living. I never could imagine that I could have my own successful business just like my mother, at the time I thought was a big dream but my Saviour had a different path for me and right there was when the miracle in my professional life started. Doors started to open for me when the opportunity of taking ownership of Hair Unlimited came.
I took over Hair Unlimited in 2013 with a believe that I can transform,  and establish a successful business. I went from zero clients, one Woman operation to a full team and expansion that will take us to the next level.