Our crew create physical and emotional restoration.


Our crew create physical and emotional restoration.


Roxana is senior hairstylist the founder of Hair Unlimited salon with more than 20 years experience.  She has passion and expertise for creating colour.  Hair Unlimited is a unique space where people feel confident, secure and capable in professional hands.


Is a eyelash technician in hair unlimited and she is 2x certified. Oriana specializes in classic, hybrid, volume, wet and strip lash sets. Oriana ensures that the quality of her work meets the clients expectations. Oriana’s passion is to make her clients look beautiful and walk out like a star.


Skincare needs since 2005. Veronica obtained her credentials in Toronto, Ontario and Scottsdale, Arizona as a licensed medical laser & safety officer and Spa Therapist. Passionately evolve in the world of skin rejuvenation always on top of the latest skin trend.


Started in hair unlimited salon 6 years ago as a hair stylist assistant and she became an specialist in hair smoothing system where she loves to help her clients achieve their best hair goals with the best products to improve curls, frizz and damaged hair.


15 Years Experience as a Professional Nail Technician.  Nail Artist Certificate and Nail Instructor.



Professional Licensed Hairstylist with 20 Years Experience.  Dory's Design Independent Artist